Are you guilty of the ‘cultural cringe?’

Cultural Cringe: making other travellers physically cringe because you’re acting like a dipstick to the point that it embarrasses all other Australians

If you’re guilty of the cultural cringe, then chances are that a top notch Aussie traveller has had to apologise on your behalf for your behaviour. recently asked their readers why they apologise for being Australian overseas. CHECK IT OUT


5 thoughts on “Are you guilty of the ‘cultural cringe?’

  1. Eloise Madden says:

    God yes! I’m so glad this blog exists! When I’ve been overseas half the time I hear an australian accent and rush to make friends and then the other half of the time I hear an Aussie accent and see some idiot making EVERYONE CRINGE. I’m a little embarrassed to say that when I hear the second type my accent gets a lot more pommy (gasp)! Haha I’m either apologising for being australian or pretending to be English – which probably doesn’t get me much more love lol.

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    1. travelwankers1 says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! That’s so true! I think its hilarious you pretend to be English instead – I’ll have to use that tactic next time..or people could stop being so cringe and save us all the trouble! Thanks for your thoughts 🙂


    1. travelwankers1 says:

      Great to hear you enjoyed reading!
      That’s a tricky situation to be in. I feel he should have been aware of the cultural implications of his tattoo and perhaps could have worn long pants to avoid offending people. It’s easy to say you don’t know about a cultural meaning, which is why we encourage you to do research and “know your destination” to avoid any potential wankerisms.
      What do you think?


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