#avoidwankerisms: Thai edition



much beauty…


very wow…


very culture…


such cute…


wow nightlife…

…It’s not hard to see why Thailand is one of the top choices for Aussie’s going overseas. It’s super cheap to get there, there’s lots to see and do, and the locals are lovely. So how do you make you stay in the good books with locals and avoid looking like a cultural wanker? Check out the convenient list below!

1.Similar to Indonesian culture, pointing is considered a rude gesture. Instead, try lifting your chin to indicate to someone


2. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE KING. He is dearly beloved by Thai people, so don’t disrespect any images of the king (including those printed on money) or make any negative remarks regarding the monarchy. This isn’t just to avoid upsetting locals, but also to avoid jail time and potential execution.

3. Again, similar to Indonesian culture, the left hand is considered dirty. Sorry left-handers. Use your right hand when handing over cash or passing objects around. Also, it is a sign of respect to place your left hand against your right forearm.

4. Its customary to use a fork and spoon when eating in Thailand. Hold the spoon in your right hand and use the fork to push food onto your spoon. Never bring the fork to your mouth…we wouldn’t want any of that left-handed filth coming near your mouth

5. DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE’S HEAD! It is a huge sign of disrespect. Don’t touch children on the head. Don’t touch adults on the head. Don’t even touch anyone’s hair. The head is considered sacred, so be respectful.

touching face

6. You’ll see monks all around Thailand, particularly around Chiang Mai and it is essential that you show them respect. Ladies, you must absolutely not touch a monk in any capacity. Avoid brushing against their robes and don’t pass anything to them.

7. Removing your shoes before entering a person’s home or a temple is essential in Thai culture. Often local businesses and restaurants will ask you to remove your shoes as well. Sort out that fungal nail infection before you go and be proud to show off your beautiful feet


8. The wai! This is a common greeting in Thailand and is when you place your hands in a prayer like position with your head slightly bowed. It is extremely rude to not return a wai, the only people exempt are the King and monks. Don’t attempt the greeting with things in your hands.

9. SMILE! Thai people are well-known for their constantly smiling faces! So smile! You’re on holidays! You have nothing to be grumpy about!

thanks for the demo Chris, you beautiful human



12 thoughts on “#avoidwankerisms: Thai edition

  1. clothedbetterob says:

    I’m Thai but I didn’t really know number 3 (and 4) so I think that one doesn’t really matter much XD It’s more like us Thai people are mostly right handed (well that goes to every other nation as well) maybe it was like that in the past to not use your left hand? but I’m sure its okay nowadays. YUP number 2 is VERY important, DON’T DO IT.


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