How to: Pack your shit

Whether you’re heading overseas for a week or a year, you’ll most definitely be taking some sort of bag with you. You’ll probably start by packing some clothes and shoes, then some toiletries, a laptop, your chargers, books…nek min you’re trying to squeeze your pillow, your favourite mug, and your dog into an overstuffed bag that will 100% not close.
You’ll get angry at anyone who tries to tell you that you won’t need to take your straightener to the Greek Islands or that you probably won’t end up wearing that one item that you’re convinced you’ll wear everyday. WHY CAN’T I TAKE THAT DENIM VEST THAT OFFERS NO WARMTH AND WILL PROBABLY MAKE ME HOTTER IN THE EUROPEAN SUMMER DAMMIT.

So to save you the heartbreak of having to remove your favourite pair of heels or your playstation (yes..I met a group of guys overseas who carted their Xbox around Europe for shits and gigs) from your bag, we’ve made a list of tips to get you going in the right direction #winning

  • Start by writing a list!! Think about how many days you’re going for and be realistic about what you need. Some travel experts suggest planning a selection of outfits and then removing one option as you most likely won’t need it. Don’t forget practical things on your list either, like any medication, toiletries, earplugs (if you’re staying in hostels), or chargers. If you’re travelling internationally you’ll also need adaptors for any electrical devices. Our outlets are different to other countries, so don’t miss out on charging your camera because you don’t have the right plug #wanker
  • Start getting organised a few days before you go so you have time to go to the shops if you’re missing any essentials. Lay everything you plan to take out next to your suitcase, that way you can see what you have, and if you get started early, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have and make decisions about what to keep and what you might not need
  • The smaller the bag, the less you’ll take. If you grab the biggest bag you can find, you’ll definitely keep chucking stuff in because ‘look at all that room!’ You’ll have a heavy bag that you have to lug around with you and you’ll take a bunch of stuff you don’t need. If you can, try and just take cabin sized luggage. That way you’ll also save time at the other end by not having to wait at the luggage carousel for your bag
  • ROLL YOUR CLOTHES! You’ll have so much more room in your bag if you roll your clothes instead of fold them! This also reduces the creasiness of your clothes. But just because you have more room, doesn’t mean you take more…leave room for fun things like things you buy while you’re away – otherwise you’ll have to buy another suitcase for that Turkish Tea Set that you just HAD to buy even though you don’t drink tea…yes, I bought a Turkish Tea Set and had to buy another suitcase…don’t judge me
  • Utilise all the empty spaces in your bag – aka stuff your shoes with clothes or bottles. Don’t waste anyyy space
  • Don’t forget that you if you’re taking carry-on for international flights, the size of liquid bottles you can take is limited. Avoid having your bottles confiscated by grabbing some travel sized containers and pouring your shampoo and conditioner into them. Place them in zip-lock bags and they’ll be able to slip into any gaps in your bag (or in your shoes like the previous point suggested)
  • The types of clothes you pack will also affect your trip – take clothes that don’t need ironing or lots of washing. Merino clothing is great because it’s light-weight, it will keep you cool in warm weather, and it keeps you warm in cooler climates. It’s also magical for not holding onto certain smells, so you can wear it for days on end without needing to do washing.
  • Finally, always double check what weight your ticket allows for baggage. If you’ve only paid for 15kgs of luggage, only take 15kgs of luggage or suffer the consequences of SUPER expensive fees. Weigh your bag after you pack and give yourself plenty of time to repack if you need to do some emergency culling.

For more advice, check out the following super cool, super informative, super amazing links!

And if you have any tips for fellow travellers, comment in the box below! 



3 thoughts on “How to: Pack your shit

  1. yougotserved2015 says:

    Such good advice!! Oh my god when I was overseas we bought too much stuff and we had to post stuff home it was the worst! Also yess rolling clothes is the best thing ever, such a space saver!! Love your style of writing and the use of gifs very entertaining, a great read!


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