#avoidwankerisms: Chinese edition

NI HAO (nee-how)!!!

Aussies love China! It’s the 6th most visited tourist destination for us (wow!) so we figure that it’s at a pretty high risk of being exposed to some avoidable wankerisms. More seriously, more than half of the 17 Australians currently on death row internationally are held in China. As their government still retains capital punishment for non-violent crimes, our fellows are being held for drug trafficking. A HUGE no-no in general. But their laws are different to ours, and so are their cultural customs and we need to be respectful of that when we travel there.


thanks Jon Snow. You won’t know nothing when you finish reading.

– When greeting people, a handshake or a nod is appropriate. And make sure to greet the oldest person first as a sign of respect, addressing them as Mr. or Mrs. followed by their surname

– Putting your chopsticks upright against your bowl is a sign of death…so it’s not recommended

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.53.37 pm

– Punctuality is important, so make sure you arrive a little earlier for appointments like dinner reservations or tours

– Public displays of affection are frowned upon, even if your boyf is cute af..save it for the hotel

– If you’re checking out a mosque or temple, be respectful and keep your shoulders and knees covered. Also, don’t shake hands with anyone of the opposite gender

– Like Thailand, the head is considered sacred…don’t touch anyone’s head.

face touching

– Don’t make hectic political statements (such as “wow, Chairman Mao was pretty evil, you know, killing all those people”) as many people are still pretty loyal to him. Don’t believe us? Try visiting his mausoleum… you’ll probs be greeted with a crowd like this

mao line

– Always keep your passport or a copy of your passport with you. Police randomly check papers and if fail to show them you will spend a lengthy amount of time down at the police administration

– If you stumble across a military site (understandable since signs are often not very visible and in Chinese – a problem if you don’t read Chinese) DO NOT, under any circumstances, decide this is a good time for a photo. Even if the light is perfect for a selfie, keep your camera in your pocket.

– Be careful of leaving bags unattended at the airport…you do not want to become an oblivious drug mule. As we mentioned earlier, CHINA STILL ENFORCE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR NON-VIOLENT CRIMES. They have zero tolerance for recreational drugs.

– Avoid getting into a public argument with a local. No matter who is right and who is wrong, the police aren’t likely to side with the foreigner. You can be asked to leave if you are too much of a public nuisance, so avoid being a wanker and you’ll be fine!

thumbs up

For more reading on Chinese law and etiquette, check the links below 🙂
– http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/article/chinese-laws.htm
– http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/guidebook/etiquette.htm

Have you been to China? Have we forgotten anything? Let us know in the comments below



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